“I really believe that music should be available to all. It breaks down barriers and allows us to communicate our hopes and fears. Being dyslexic music gave me a voice and a way of expressing my emotions.”

I have experience teaching through the Feis (youth based group teaching, working to promote traditional music to children of all ages) and privately. I have a particular interest in teaching young children and am happy to start lessons from 6 years. I am happy teaching all levels of clarsach (lever harp), from beginner to advanced level, as well as beginner and intermediate fiddle. My main interest is to encourage a love of the instrument and music through storytelling and games as well as more conventional musical studies and exercises. I believe that each child is an individual and each learns in a different style. I endeavour to work with both children and parents to find the style of teaching which is most appropriate. I also welcome adult beginners.

I  love working with groups of adults or children in a workshop setting and have experience of working with multi-instrumental groups of mixed ability, arranging music to suit all. I have taught courses for mixed ages and abilities at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival as well as other festivals. I am happy to engage with groups over several weeks on a specific project leading to a performance, e.g. Harps of Gold for Christmas or music to commemorate a local event e.g. Trywerin. I am always happy to discuss the ideas and specific needs of various groups.

Teaching references:

“The knowledge of your instrument and your advice about composing was very useful for the pupils embarking on the course. The pupils were at ease in your company and enjoyed asking questions. Your compositions were beautiful and emphasized the tone, quality and versatility of the clarsach.”

GCSE Workshop.
Mr P. A. Spencer / Ms Melody Jones (Headteacher / Music Teacher), Queen Elizabeth High School, Carmarthen.

“Elinor was always extremely patient with Zoe, and during this time (2013 – 2014), Zoe learnt the basics of playing the clarsach. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a clarsach teacher.” Hannah Campbell, Parent of Pupil.

“My lessons with Ellie are always interesting, exciting and fun” Zoe (7), Clarsach Pupil

“Elinor has recently started to teach my 6 year old daughter the violin and I have seen at first hand Elinor’s excellent teaching skills and rapport with a young child. Catherine has loved her lessons and is always keen to get to her next one as Elinor has made them fun as well as well as educational.” Jill Swift, Parent of Pupil.

“I can’t wait for my next violin lesson as Elinor makes them such fun”. Catherine (6), Fiddle/Violin Pupil.

“Thanks Elinor. I can’t stop her from playing at the moment’ Mother of Clarsach Pupil (11).

‘My granddaughter has learnt more in 4 weeks of lessons with you than she did in 2 years with her old teacher.’ Grandmother of Clarsach Pupil (13).

“Elinor’s lessons are the highlight of my daughters week.’ Mother of Clarsach Pupil (10).